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get better at being ageless

secret #1 Mindset training

It is important to have an acceptance towards the natural process of ageing. Nothing is permanent in this world and one should take non-permanence as a measure that evidences the progress and growth in life.

SECRET #2 yoga

Yoga is a unique practice. The results are best visible in the reduction of inches, which help a practitioner fit into small size clothes. Also, it helps form a lean muscle, and not muscular, body.

SECRET #3 Meditation

Yes, meditation can slow the aging process.

You don’t even need to meditate for long every day. It’s free, which contrasts significantly with some anti-aging treatments that can be considerably expensive.

SECRET #4Cleansing techniques

Cleansing techniques are called Kriyas in yoga which are highly effective in keeping your internal organs and your skin young for longer than you thought.

SECRET #5 Breathing exercises

Do breathing exercises to rejuvenate your cells. Breathing exercises help in absorbing O2 in your cells in the most optimum way and simultaneously in expelling CO2 out of your system. In this process, toxins are constantly thrown out of the system. That helps in rejuvenating cells and organs.

SECRET #6  balanced nutritional diet

A balanced diet is a diet that contains differing kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions required for a healthy body.



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About Dr. Pooja Svetah

Former Scientist from IITB, Mumbai  turned Age Defying Specialist & Wellness Engineer.

Around 1100 hours of rigorous yoga training.

Transformed herself under the guidance of India’s best coaches.

More than 3500 hrs of hands on coaching experience.

Worked with all age groups from 5 Y to 70 Y.

Holds great experience in 1-2-1 and in group coaching.

Transformed hundreds of lives in the last 8 years.

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Younger & Stronger YOU

Decreased Signs of Ageing

Well Toned Body

Well-aligned Body Postures

IReversal Of PCOSt

Relief in Menopausal Discomfort

Everlasting Energy

Increased Muscle Strength

Thyroid Management

Anger Management

Relief in Joint Pains

Relief in Cardiac & breathing Issues

Improved Digestion

Diabetes Management

Freedom from Anxiety & Depression

Better Sleep & Calmness

Enriched Life

Personal Development


Better Relations

Stress Management

Healthy Body Weight

Clarity & Alertness of Mind

Enhanced Immunity

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Dr. Pooja SvetahAge Defying Specialist & Life Transformational CoachOn a mission to help 100,000 women transform their lives by reversing their age to look & feel younger and fitter, to be emotionally, physically and financially strong & to be able to enjoy life of their dreams.

ageless lifestyle hub creats incredible results for you & for you only

Hear it from those who have experienced it

Life Changing

Dr Pooja is one of the most understanding and compassionate coaches i have come across. Her teachings are a mix of amazing yoga (which benefits everyone) and lots of humour. Unlike some other yoga practitioners who seem a pretentious with their practice, Dr. Pooja seems very real with her jokes, injuries, thoughts and sessions which make her more relatable and approachable.

I am a part of Dr. Pooja Svetah’s Health & Wellness Program for almost 1.5 Years.

I have noticed a tremendous amount of change in my flexibility, strength, sleep cycle and eating habits. Overall, my health has improved 10 multifold since last year. My days seem more balanced and my immunity has also gotten better.

No more cloudy thoughts, Definitely a lot better than before, Yoga has become a coping mechanism now. Ever since i started doing yoga, I seem to be taking life one day at a time. I have started enjoying present moments instead of dwelling into the past or worrying about the future.

Personally, yoga has been life changing for me. Its a relationship that i would never want to break.

Professionally I am able to make better decisions at work. Also, yoga sessions are something that i look forward to when i have difficult days.

Have improved my relations a lot. I find myself to be more understanding and more relaxed with others.

100% recommended to everyone for life changing experience.

Surdhani Zaheer


I have been a part of Pooja’s hub since the last two and a half years. I have enjoyed this entire journey thoroughly. I feel fit ,more agile and confident to face any challenge.

Every session with her fills  me with positivity which helps me tremendously in my day to day life.

About her Yoga Sessions, I would suggest everyone to must experience once. Pooja teaches yoga in a very methodical manner. She makes notes in her dairy for each session and no two sessions are ever same . In every class you learn something new.

Her Wellness program has given my life a whole new meaning which I cannot get from any other form of exercise. It rejuvenates you physically, emotionally and mentally.

I will continue to be in her program for as long as I can.

Anshu Agarwal


I am a part of Dr. Pooja Svetah’s Health & Wellness Program for almost 6 Months. She is calm, responsive, generous in spirit and passionate.

Her wellness program has added tremendous value to my life at Physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. My breathing issues are resolved within 2-3 months. Lost 6 Kgs & feel far more energetic and fit. My thoughts are more positive now. I can think now quicker and better .

I can see the change in myself of staying calm in some tense situations and not losing of being myself.

My approach is more productive, I can do better work-life balance now and my relations are also stronger now.

I would highly recommend this program to everyone.

Nipun Batra

Active & Energetic

I have been a part of Pooja’s hub since around four years. She is very hardworking and works for the benefit of each and every member. She remembers the details of everyone and gives focused attention. She also keeps in mind the physical issues and suggest which asanas we should perform. So even if we are in a group, individual attention is given. In fact, she very mindfully focuses on minute details to motivate us.

I am more flexible, stronger now, I feel content.  Quality of thought has definitely improved. I feel more focused and aware, neutral and empathetic. Body feels active and light. I can control my emotions and became calmer. I have learnt to stay neutral in a situation and manage stress well.

Productivity has increased many folds as I have gained good muscles strength now.

I strongly recommend Pooja’s Wellness program to all women. In fact, i have already suggested it to few.

Shaila Khurana

Composed & Calm

I am a part of Dr. Pooja Svetah’s Health & Wellness Program for almost 7 Months. She always corrects our posture whenever it is wrong no matter offline or online. And also guides us with the postures that are good for the issues that we want to resolve.

I have reduced around 8 inches & 4.5 Kgs after joining her. My overall strength has increased a lot. I can notice considerable improvement in my chronic hair fall issue. I am now able to control my negative feelings, learned to stay calm and listen to other’s first. I have learnt to maintain balance, calmness of mind has increased a lot. My family can also feel the change in me.

I feel very active for the whole day after energetic yoga session, have become a quick thinker, no doubt. Honestly my routine is better the days I attend yoga session else I feel something is missing.

Personally I am able to defeat lot of problems that I was facing before joining like stress , over thinking, weight gain , disturbed monthly cycle. I am able to take the work pressure without stressing about it. My relations have improved at office and at home as I am able to resolve anger issues, overthinking and pessimistic thinking .

Dr. Pooja’s health and wellness program is a must  join. Highly recommended.

Shivangi Batra

Tremendous Value

I am a part of Dr. Pooja Svetah’s Health & Wellness Program for almost 2 Years. It has added tremendous value to my life.

Flexibility has improved a great deal. I have started feeling internally strong and even my symptoms of hypothyroidism like anxiety, tiredness etc…have been better than never before.

I have been able to handle my stress so better now. Positivity towards life events has increased and have started enjoying even small everyday things.

After the session, I really feel very active and at the same time calm.

Personally, I feel quite happy and at peace most of the times and I can feel the difference in the way I can now help my grown up daughters during their tough times.

I love the motivation Pooja gives me to keep improving. She really puts in great efforts to always bring in variety of combination of asanas and exercises and also gives us counselling from time to time.

I would 100%…highly recommend this program to others  for personal wellbeing.

Preeti Kulkarni

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register into your anti- ageing program?

Just click on the button to access the link. Once you join you get confirmation on your mail id. Do join us on WhatsApp group & our Facebook Group for time to time updates.

I am not flexible. Will I be able to do it?

Yes. Not everyone is flexible from the beginning. It comes with consistency.

I have a sedentary life style. How can I change it?

You can certainly make your lifestyle better by setting your health targets and adopting yoga to achieve it.

I am not young. Will I still be able to do Yoga postures?

Yoga has ability to heal. No age barrier can keep you from experiencing it.

I haven’t workout in a long time. Will it be too difficult for me?

Doesn’t matter. Just hop in. We move accordingly. You catch up in no time.

I don’t have any setup at my home. Will I have to buy expensive props?

You only need to have a Yoga mat.

How will your Anti-aging program help me in improving my emotional health?

Ageing has been one of the reasons for middle aged women getting into depression & anxiety. Hence, working on health and vitality certainly helps emotionally.

Will I get completely recovered from my chronic physical conditions?

Yoga and mind training work wonders in handling chronic physical conditions. Results may differ from person to person.

How will I get enhanced quality of life after joining your Anti-aging program?

I would suggest you to please experience it to understand it.

Will I get Life Coaching Sessions and Yoga Sessions both?


Does diet consultation involves additional cost?

Yes, only product cost. Diet guidance will be provided at no extra charges.

Can men also join your Anti-aging program?


A new way to think about yourself

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