Know Your Age Defying Specialist & Life Transformational Coach

Dr. Pooja Svetah

A former- Scientist from IITB, Mumbai, after completing Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from IITR, Roorkee who transformed herself to be the one who can create substantial changes around.

A certified, well-trained and experienced Wellness Coach working with women and Teenagers for Life Skills, Health & Fitness, handling codependency in relationships, setting goals, taking decisions, and making big transformations in life. Aims toward personal development, human behavior, life strategies, success, and empowerment through different therapeutic modalities.

A Corporate Trainer, a Life Coach, a Holistic Stress Management Expert, and Inter Personal Relationship Expert. Specializes in Yoga counseling, Neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy. A well-trained, certified yoga therapist, specializes in workstation yoga, therapeutic yoga, yoga with props, power yoga, Vinyasa flow and ashtanga yoga.

A certified energy healer firmly believes in a holistic approach to therapy. Equally addresses body, mind and spirit in therapeutic methods to create a unique and individualised path of healing for each and every one.

Learn To Transform Your Life Using Your Own Potential By Life Coaching Services And Yoga

Develop resourceful emotions, Boost relationships, Increase confidence, Release Stress. Get equipped with dealing with stage fear and social anxiety. Get rid of haunting bad past and anxiety attacks. Release Stress and Increase confidence. Get rid of medical Limitations such as Psychosomatic Pains, Insomnia, Depression, Allergies etc.

Yoga helps in resolving a lot of emotional as well as physical health issues, gives clarity of thought and calmness. There can’t be a second thought that yoga helps in not just for physical health but emotional wellbeing as well. We are running Yoga sessions in groups virtually as well as physically.