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By Following Ancient Indian Wisdom


Dr. Pooja Svetah

In 3 days Age Defying Challenge

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Know The Science Behind Anti Ageing

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Coaching from Senior Life Transformational Coach


11.00 AM-12.30 PM (Tue-Thurs)

Former scientist from IITB, Mumbai, with 8+ Years of experience in Mindset coaching through NLP, Hypnosis, TA, and Yoga.

4600+ hours of yoga and life coaching experience

Transformed hundreds of lives in the last 8 years.

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What you can expect in 3 days of ME working with YOU

No myths

Understand the scientific factors that work in anti-ageing and learn to imply them in your day to day life

Rejuvenate body and soul

Mind & Body Rejuvenation and alertness in actions

Focus & Peace

Coming out of a current challenging situation in life with a clear mind and more precision

Face Lift Yoga

Learn yogic face lift for daily skin care

Support system

For developing a healthy routine

Revealing 6 Secrets For Cracking The “Being Ageless” Code For Every Woman

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Mindset training, Yoga & Meditation Backed by Scientific Proofs for Delayed Ageing

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Exclusive Access to Ageless Lifestyle Hub

Get access to the VIP group of Life Style Hub to get connected and support for a lifetime.

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Exclusive access to E-book – Being Ageless Secrets

A book where I have shared 6 crucial factors playing vital role in delaying ageing process and helping you to figure out your own way to heal constantly and stay ageless.

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Who Should take Age Defying Challenge?

This challenge is exclusively for women:

1. for emotional health, self-image & balance

2. to shed stubborn  fat around waist

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3. in depth understanding of the science behind anti-ageing

4. for wholesome fitness the natural way

5. to have a toned body and strong muscles

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6. solving hormonal challenges PCOD, pre-menopausal issues, irregular menstrual cycle

7. for health issues that hinder their productivity and success in career

8. for professions that demand you to  look in a certain way

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9. removing constant fear associated with ageing

Enroll Now For Rs. 2499 199

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Know Your Coach

Hey! I am Dr. Pooja Svetah

When you can do Science and Wellness with the same passion, you break the norms and set your own rules. A fanatic scientist could never keep away from Science.

When a scientist turns into a Life Transformational Coach, more scientific facts and reasons are explored in all dimensions. Let me put it this way. There’s a deep science behind our visualizations, affirmations, manifestations, goal settings, and for shaping up our life. The Law of attraction works only when our wavelength starts matching with that of the universe.

I am in full faith in Reverse Engineering when it comes to handling life situations.  I work on mindsets in a way that helps equip you with the ability to make transformations you thought were never possible.

Over 4,600 hours of practices based on their results have been used in designing the Ageless Lifestyle Hub.

Experiences shared by some of our Ageless Lifestyle Hub members

Life Changing

Dr Pooja is one of the most understanding and compassionate coaches i have come across. Her teachings are a mix of amazing yoga (which benefits everyone) and lots of humour. seems very real with her jokes, injuries, thoughts and sessions which make her more relatable and approachable.

Overall, my health has improved 10 multifold since last year. My days seem more balanced and my immunity has also gotten better.

No more cloudy thoughts, Definitely a lot better than before. Professionally I am able to make better decisions at work. Also, yoga sessions are something that i look forward to when i have difficult days.

100% recommended to everyone for life changing experience.

Surdhani Zaheer

Professional Crooner

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Every session with her fills  me with positivity which helps me tremendously in my day to day life.

About her Yoga Sessions, I would suggest everyone to must experience once. Pooja teaches yoga in a very methodical manner. She makes notes in her dairy for each session and no two sessions are ever same . In every class you learn something new.

Her Wellness program has given my life a whole new meaning which I cannot get from any other form of exercise. It rejuvenates you physically, emotionally and mentally.

I will continue to be in her program for as long as I can.

Anshu Agarwal

Home Maker

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Active & Energetic

I have been a part of Pooja’s hub since around four years. She is very hardworking and works for the benefit of each and every member. She remembers the details of everyone and gives focused attention. I am more flexible, stronger now, I feel content.  Quality of thought has definitely improved. I feel more focused and aware, neutral and empathetic. Body feels active and light. I can control my emotions and became calmer. I have learnt to stay neutral in a situation and manage stress well.

Productivity has increased many folds as I have gained good muscles strength now.

I strongly recommend Pooja’s Wellness program to all women. In fact, i have already suggested it to few.

Shaila Khurana


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Composed & Calm

I have reduced around 8 inches & 4.5 Kgs after joining Ageless Lifestyle Hub. My overall strength has increased a lot. I can notice considerable improvement in my chronic hair fall issue. I am now able to control my negative feelings, learned to stay calm and listen to other’s first. I have learnt to maintain balance, calmness of mind has increased a lot. My family can also feel the change in me.

I feel very active for the whole day after energetic yoga session, have become a quick thinker, no doubt. Personally I am able to defeat lot of problems that I was facing before joining like stress , over thinking, weight gain , disturbed monthly cycle. I am able to take the work pressure without stressing about it. My relations have improved at office and at home as I am able to resolve anger issues, overthinking and pessimistic thinking .

Dr. Pooja’s health and wellness program is a must  join. Highly recommended.

Shivangi Batra

IT Professional

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Tremendous Value

The program has added tremendous value to my life. Flexibility has improved a great deal. I have started feeling internally strong and even my symptoms of hypothyroidism like anxiety, tiredness etc…have been better than never before.

I have been able to handle my stress so better now. Positivity towards life events has increased and have started enjoying even small everyday things. After the session, I really feel very active and at the same time calm.

Personally, I feel quite happy and at peace most of the times and I can feel the difference in the way I can now help my grown up daughters during their tough times.

I love the motivation Pooja gives me to keep improving. She really puts in great efforts to always bring in variety of combination of asanas and exercises and also gives us counselling from time to time.

I would 100%…highly recommend this program to others  for personal wellbeing.

Priti Kulkarni

Home Maker & Mother

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What all do I get?

Age Defying Challenge


Dr. Pooja Svetah

Get the offer Rs. 2499 Rs. 199

3 days Live sessions


Live session timings 11.00 AM-12.30 PM

Add bonuses worth Rs. 4998

Exclusive access to Ageless Lifestyle Hub

Exclusive access to E-book-Secrets of being ageless

Enroll for Rs. 199 Rs. 2499

Grab Your Spot Fast For The Upcoming Week.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the procedure to join your anti ageing program (ADC)?

It’s very simple. Once you make the payment, you get the confirmation from our side on e-mail or WhatsApp along with the link to join the program.Do join us on Telegram group & our Facebook group for time to time updates.

What are the days?

We run Age Defying Challenge (ADC) every week Friday to Sunday.

What are the timings for 3 days Age defying challenge?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday- 11.00 AM-12.30 PM

I have never attended online programs. How does it go?

The whole program will be live which can easily be joined through laptop/iPad or mobile. As soon as you register, you will be provided a link to join the challenge.

What all I should come prepared with?

Just a learning mindset and surrender to the process. Rest will be updated during the program as per requirement.

What kind of activities are included in this program?

Mindset training, Life coaching Services, Mindfulness practices and Yoga.

How your anti-ageing program will help me improving my emotional health?

One of the major reasons for women to get into depression and anxiety is worries that ageing brings in. Hence, working on health, wellness and vitality certainly helps emotionally by delaying ageing apart from improving the self image and developing confidence.

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