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ANTI AGEING MASTERCLASS1st August 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM


Anti-Ageing Yoga

Secrets To Boundless Energy, Body Positivity And Detoxification

Face Yoga

Techniques To Lift Your Face, Restore Glow And Better Self-Confidence

Diet Guidance For Weight Management

Constant Support And Guidance

Body Toning & Weight Loss 

 Power Vinyasa Sequence and Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Better Posture, Joint Mobility And Strength

Strong Community Support

Lifetime access for Community Support and Hand Holding

Super Exciting Masterclass Bonuses Worth ₹19999

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So what do the supermoms do?

Find their secret weapon!

Ashtanga and Face Yoga! This masterclass will help you find balance, boost your glow, and reclaim your inner SUPERMOM. Welcome to the transformative world of Ashtanga and Face Yoga, where inner and outer beauty merge.

Who Should Take This Anti-Ageing Masterclass?

Women experiencing hormonal changesWellness enthusiastsWomen on the path of post-recovery and rejuvenationWomen who have skin issuesWomen who want to age gracefullyWorking professionals/ working mothers/ busy HomemakersWomen who are 25+ Years of ageWomen in search of wholesome fitness the natural way

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About Your Coach

Dr. Pooja Svetah

Founder of Ageless Lifestyle Hub

A Former Scientist from IITB, turned into Life Transformational Coach & Wellness EngineerA Well-qualified, certified, and highly experienced Life Coach and Yoga therapistWith more than 5,000 hrs of Training and Coaching experience10+ years experience In Health and Wellness Industry7 years of SVetah 1-2-1 Mindset Training1.5 years of Face YogaStart Your Anti Ageing Journey Now!!


Hours of Yoga & Life Coaching


Satisfied Clients


Life Transformations


Backed by 

Scientific Theoretical Understanding for Delayed Ageing by Reducing the appearance of thick scars and Fighting gravity

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Client Reviews


Pooja I have known you for almost two years now I sign up for each of your programs with the sole purpose of remaining in your aura and learning the things that you teach not only through your words but also your deeds. I find you to be kind and generous not only as a person but also as a coach. You’re an amazing facilitator with veryfocused details on how to do better each time. Each session with you is always an improvement on the last one. This shows how much you care about providing the best for your clients and says a lot about the person you are.

Geeta Sujit Bhasker

Holistic Intimacy Coach

Highly Recommended

I am more flexible, stronger now, I feel content. Quality of thought has definitely improved. I feel more focused and aware, neutral and empathetic. Body feels active and light. I can control my emotions and became calmer. I have learnt to stay neutral in a situation and manage stress well. Productivity has increased many folds as I have gained good muscles strength.

Shaila Khurana



It’s refreshing to discover anatural, holistic approach that truly transcends the boundaries of age. I can’t believe the remarkabledifference face yoga has made in my life, thanks to Pooja’s incredible videos. Her teachings have transformed my skin, leaving it radiant, firm and full of vitality. Wrinkles seem to fade away, replaced by a newfound suppleness that defied my expectations. With her expert guidance and convenient recorded sessions. I’ve witnessed the power of face yoga to boost collagen, improve blood flow, and sculpt a more youthful facial structure. Pooja’s passion and dedication shine through in every video. making her an exceptional mentor in the realm of natural skincare. I wholeheartedlyrecommend her videos to anyone seeking a truly transformative andcomprehend approach to ageless beauty.

Sonia Gupta

Managing Director AcademicInstitutions

Long Term Relation

I feel fit ,more agile and confident to face any challenge. Every session with her fills me with positivity which helps me tremendously in my day to day life. About her Yoga Sessions, I would suggest everyone to must experience once. In every class you learn something new. Her Wellness program has given my life a whole new meaning.

Anshu Agarwal​

Home Maker


Dr Pooja is lovely, friendly and great face yoga & yoga instructor. have taken Age Defying Challenge and I have been attending her Face yoga & ashtanga yoga classes regularly. After attending few classes, have found change in my core, face, sleep pattern. I am enjoying these classes and friendly environment and an instructor who is always ready to guide and support. I can observe slight sharpness on jaw line and reduced cheeks chubbiness already. My cheeks are uplifted and I can feel overall skin tightness. I had been suffering from cluster headache for some years and it has almost gone now. My sleep pattern has improved lot. I am gettingsound sleep on a regular basis for past 30 days. Her program has beautifully enhanced not just the facial beauty but has helped improving my overall health

Dr. Sonia Pant

Public Health Specialist

Life Changing

Dr Pooja is one of the most understanding and compassionate coaches i have come across. My health has improved 10 multifold since last year. My days seem more balanced and my immunity has also gotten better. Professionally I am able to make better decisions at work. Its a relationship that i would never want to break.

Surdhani Zaheer

Professional Crooner

Personal WellBeing

It has added tremendous value to my life. I have started feeling internally strong and even my symptoms of hypothyroidism like anxiety, tiredness etc…have been better than never before. I have been able to handle my stress so better now. I really feel very active and at the same time calm. Personally, I feel quite happy and at peace most of the times

Preeti Kulkarni

Mother & Home Maker

Must Join

I have reduced around 8 inches & 4.5 Kgs after joining her. My overall strength has increased a lot. Personally I am able to defeat lot of problems that I was facing before joining like stress , over thinking, weight gain , disturbed monthly cycle. I am able to take the work pressure without stressing about it. My relations have improved at office and at home.

Shivangi Batra

IT Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the anti ageing workshop?

Click on register now and you will be directed to registration page. Once you register, you will get confirmation on email and WhatsApp.

What is the duration of the workshop?

90 Minutes.

Is there any prerequisite for joining the program?

Just a learning mindset and surrender to the process. Rest will be updated during the workshop as per requirement.

Who can attend this workshop?

All Mothers who wants a strong self image, confident outlook and a happy life.



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