Getting Better At Being Ageless


Learn How To Crack The Being Ageless Code In Your 40's.

Hey! I am Dr. Pooja Svetah........

When you can do Science and Wellness with the same passion, you break the norms and set your own rules. A fanatic scientist could never keep away from Science.

When a scientist turns into a Life Transformational Coach, more scientific facts and reasons are explored in all dimensions. Let me put it this way. There’s a deep science behind our visualizations, affirmations, manifestations, goal settings, and for shaping up our life. The Law of attraction works only when our wavelength starts matching with that of the universe.

I am in full faith in Reverse Engineering when it comes to handling life situations.  I work on mindsets in a way that helps equip you with the ability to make transformations you thought were never possible.

Over 4,600 hours of practices based on their results have been used in designing the Ageless Lifestyle Hub.


On a mission to help 100,000 women transform their lives by reversing their age to look & feel younger and fitter, to be emotionally, physically and financially strong & to be able to enjoy life of their dreams.


Former Scientist from IITB, Mumbai turned Age Defying Specialist & Wellness Engineer. Around 1100 hours of rigorous yoga training. Transformed herself under the guidance of India’s best coaches. More than 3500 hrs of hands-on coaching experience. Worked with all age groups from 5 Y to 70 Y. Holds great experience in 1-2-1 and in group coaching. Transformed hundreds of lives in the last 8 years. 


When no woman has to get anxious about getting older. When she’s able to keep her mind, body and soul completely in sync. When she knows that she’s enough to create the life of her dreams. When she takes the sweetest journey of her life on her own, And When she doesn’t think twice to take charge of her mental and physical well-being. It means, she’s a member of Ageless Lifestyle Hub.

Interested in learning how to crack the being ageless code in your 40’s?

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